‘Sex Education’ on Netflix

Against my better judgement, I decided to take a break from writing a school report to watch, as I told myself then, just one episode of Netflix's hit show 'sex education'. Having been mildly disappointed by previous teen dramas like '13 reasons why', I didn't particularly expect to like it much but before I realised, … Continue reading ‘Sex Education’ on Netflix



Had I written this post a few hours earlier, I would have probably centred it around how grateful I feel to be at a top tier university, how difficult it’s been cooking and feeding myself and perhaps how easy, thanks to boarding school , the transition has been from home to here. While those things … Continue reading Unidays1

“Letter from Birmingham jail”

I recently read "Letter from Birmingham jail", a letter Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) wrote while imprisoned for participating in a non-violent protest. The letter was written in response to a public statement condemning MLK's involvement in the protest. The church leaders who made this statement called the protest "unwise and untimely". Hopefully, that is … Continue reading “Letter from Birmingham jail”

feeling grateful for being privileged or should i say, “blessed”.

Every time someone leads a prayer in church and says something along the lines of "thank God you are alive today because many people slept and did not wake up", I find myself immediately opening my eyes to side-eye them. But using side-eyeing as a way to distract myself from the underlying issue seldom works. … Continue reading feeling grateful for being privileged or should i say, “blessed”.