Women in STEM

In light of the recent discussion about the underachievement of girls in the National Science and Maths Quiz, I became more interested than I have ever been in science - unsurprisingly because girls are involved. I wanted to better understand the global issue of underrepresentation of women in STEM so I decided to talk to … Continue reading Women in STEM


Praying for troubled sons

At 3am everyday, i leave my husband’s side to pray First to thank God that we all: my daughters, son, husband brothers, sisters and their respective wives and husbands have breath and although not as deep and relaxed as it once was, that I too am breathing Next I pray for good health My children … Continue reading Praying for troubled sons

“Letter from Birmingham jail”

I recently read "Letter from Birmingham jail", a letter Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) wrote while imprisoned for participating in a non-violent protest. The letter was written in response to a public statement condemning MLK's involvement in the protest. The church leaders who made this statement called the protest "unwise and untimely". Hopefully, that is … Continue reading “Letter from Birmingham jail”